Perimeter Center Retail Project Approved

Another exciting project is on the horizon near Perimeter Mall. The Dunwoody City Council approved the rezoning modification for the development of Perimeter Center retail project. The 10 acres of prime real estate will include retail buildings, a small pocket park, grocery store, cafes and restaurants with more pedestrian-friendly and bike-friendly developments including multipurpose walking and biking paths around the center.

How We Fit In: Contineo is excited to be working with Branch Properties, Phillips Partnership, and the City of Dunwoody throughout the permitting process on this great project.

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City of Atlanta Ordinance Update

As a leader in design and permitting service stations in Atlanta, Contineo Group is dedicated to keeping you “in the know” on City  of Atlanta Ordinance updates that may affect our clients..

What you need to know: There is a required  1,500 foot distance between service stations. This includes new development  and renovations for existing properties. For detailed  information,  here is a link to the ordinance:

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Contineo Group on Atlanta Business Radio

“Since 1996, Bryan Russell with Contineo Group has led US and international projects and is a frequent speaker on sustainable design. He advocates for an integrated design process that requires close cooperation among the design team, architects, engineers and client at all project stages. As a leader, he creates an energetic, fun workplace where talent and diversity thrive. Crediting Abraham Lincoln as his inspiration, Bryan describes himself as persistent and proud to have assembled a high-quality group of professionals who enjoy working together in a family environment. He draws motivation and inspiration from his staff and clients alike. Ron Crump serves as the senior engineer and focuses on design and project management. A well-known industry educator, he teaches classes statewide for Georgia’s storm water regulation authority and is regarded as a leader in erosion control. Ron is also an accredited professional in designing key elements required for obtaining sustainable design points under the LEED rating system. He has extensive experience in commercial site design as well as residential and commercial office parks, telecom systems, solar plants, and wastewater lagoon systems. In addition, he is nationally recognized as a certified professional in erosion and sediment control (CPESC) and storm water quality (CPSWQ). A native of Germany, Ron is known for his trustworthiness and diligence, and is proud of having a diverse portfolio of international projects as well as developments in virtually every major American city. His ability to speak German, Spanish and English has helped Contineo Group, LLC, expand its footprint globally.”

Find out more here.

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