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2019 Annual Staff Retreat

2019 Annual Staff Retreat

All Aboard for Cozumel!

It’s a Contineo tradition to take time off for our annual leadership staff retreat – while cruising the seas with our families.

This important time away together lays the groundwork for the year ahead. We focus on strategic planning for the coming year, brainstorm ways to make our client service better than ever, and share in-depth “shop talk.”

It’s also a time to review and acknowledge the excellent work our team has accomplished, and to recharge and optimize our team dynamic . . . with a little bit of beach time, delicious food, relaxation, and fun sprinkled in.

Our time away from the office proves, year after year, to be one of the most powerful ways we create our vibrant company culture. And the results will be clear as 2020 unfolds. Stay tuned!

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