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Sylvie Germana | Permitting Manager

A dedicated permitting manager who has four years of expertise in the field, Sylvie Germana joined Contineo in 2021. She attended St John’s University and has worked in various manager roles over the years. Sylvie is able to speak numerous languages such as French, Spanish, and Creole. Sylvie is a team leader with cross-functional, multi-level experience solving business problems, growing business performance, mitigating liability and risk through process improvement. She is recognized for resolution planning, course correction, and influential ties with key agencies.

Sylvie is passionate about creating new ideas and concepts that will benefit all. Sylvie has knowledge in storage, retail, industrial, restaurant, gas station, and residential projects to which she has been a project manager for.

Sylvie has extensive experience in CAD, Bluebeam, Oracle, Peachtree, People Soft. She utilizes CAD, and Bluebeam to make updates to the redline drawings for asbuilts required documentation.

More About Sylvie: Whenever Sylvie is not in the office you can find her helping the community. She takes pride in making a difference in all aspects of her life. The motto Sylvie lives by is keeping your word because when you go back on your word others will find they cannot trust you.

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