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We offer paid internships to motivated students who are studying engineering or a related discipline and who want to gain practical experience. If you are interested, contact See what our interns say…

Past Interns

Colleen Becton

Colleen Becton, Georgia Tech

Interned Summer 2016 and Summer 2017
Current Contineo Team Member

Interning at Contineo provided a fantastic basis for full-time work here. The team provided an open, relaxed, and fun environment while maintaining a serious work ethic and client satisfaction. I worked on site concepts for a variety of industry sectors in AutoCAD and learned design guidelines for a large corporation, efficient information gathering, and accurate time allotment for project deliverables.

The work was fast-paced but allowed me to learn industry basics and standards necessary to hit the ground running on the full design work that came with a permanent position. While I had a good academic foundation, there was so much more to learn, particularly in regard to grading and hydrology which can be more of an art than a science.

The team always made time to answer my questions, offer suggestions, and give feedback while entrusting me with tasks to grow my skill set.  My internship put my classes in perspective!

Cameron Rae, University of Georgia

Interned Summer 2017

During my ten-week civil engineering internship, I learned a lot about the site design engineering process on projects ranging from ADA parking lot re-designs to new gas stations. Although I knew very little about the work before I started, I grew into it quickly thanks to to the support of my coworkers and bosses. The skills that I developed were my speed and precision using Autocad, my ability to communicate in an effective professional manner, and my ability to understand challenging spatial concepts.

After my internship, I returned to the University of Georgia to finish my bachelors of science in civil engineering. My experience at Contineo was instrumental in completing my senior design project – a site design similar to the work that I did all summer.

The work environment at Contineo was relaxed, all of my coworkers were wonderful people, my bosses were great role models to learn from, and the work was enjoyable. I thoroughly enjoyed my time working there.

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