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We’re always looking for talented individuals with diverse backgrounds, cultures, and skill sets to join our team. Want to work with the industry’s best? Want to grow your career and give back to the community? If you are interested in learning about current Contineo Group, LLC, opportunities, contact

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Current Job Openings

Contineo Group is currently looking for:

Civil Engineer 

Land Planner



Responsible for the design and preparation of plans, specifications, and estimates for a variety of civil engineering projects Including management of clients; Manage a variety of civil engineering projects with internal staff as well as clients; Perform calculations for earthwork, drainage, and grading; Use technical knowledge to design plans for grading, drainage, utility, street improvements, storm drains, sanitary sewers, and water lines as well as analyze and recommend solutions to complex drainage problems; Communicate effectively with various departments, clients, and agencies.


The position requires minimum of a Master Degree in Civil Engineering with 1 year of experience in the job or performing similar job duties.

College Recruiting/Internships

We offer paid internships to motivated students who are studying engineering or a related discipline and who want to gain practical experience. If you are interested, contact See what our interns say…

Colleen Becton

Georgia Tech, Civil Engineering Interned Summer 2016
and Summer 2017

“Working at Contineo was such a great experience! I worked on numerous projects and learned so much about engineering, working, and life in general. Much of this was accomplished through working on site concepts for a variety of types of businesses in AutoCAD (which is really cool and fun!) as well as learning design guidelines for a large corporation though creating site plans as well as various other tasks. I learned how to successfully and efficiently gather needed information through code websites, phone calls, and email as well as how to accurately determine how much time different deliverables would take to prepare in order to better plan and organize my days and be most effective for my bosses.

Contineo is a great place to work—it’s very open and relaxed and fun while still being serious and driven for perfection and client satisfaction. And they are more than willing to take the time to answer any questions or offer suggestions or feedback while entrusting me with tasks to grow my skill set. My biggest takeaway would definitely be how cool engineering is and how something as mundane sounding as parking lots can be super fun when incorporating design into engineering and working with a great team, which really helps put classes in perspective!”

Cameron Rae

University of Georgia, Civil Engineering Interned Summer 2017

“I worked as a civil engineering intern for Contineo in the Summer of 2017 for about 10 weeks. While my time there was short, I was able to learn a lot about the site design engineering process. I was recommended the company by a friend of mine that had worked there in the past, and I was fairly unaware of the work I would be doing before I started. However, I quickly grew to enjoy the work I did while I was there. I worked on several projects, ranging from ADA parking lot re-designs to new gas stations. In my short time at Contineo I was able to grow quickly due to the support of my coworkers as well as my bosses. Everyone there had diverse skill sets, so if one person was unable to help with something, someone else would always be able to. I would say the skills that I was able to develop the most in my time there would be my speed and precision using Autocad, my ability to communicate in an effective professional manner, and my ability to understand tough spatial concepts. After this internship I will be returning to school to finish my bachelors of science in civil engineering at the University of Georgia, where I plan to graduate in Spring of 2018. With my return to school, I will be starting my senior design project, which will be a site design similar to what I had been doing all summer. The difference my learning at Contineo has made will be substantial in completing this project. The work environment at Contineo was relaxed, all of my coworkers were wonderful people, my bosses were great role models to learn from, and the work was enjoyable. I can say without a doubt that I thoroughly enjoyed my time working there. Thanks again for an amazing summer, Cameron”

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