Type of Use: Retail/Restaurant
Building Size: 25,515-sf
Project Size: 2.814 acres
Services: Civil Engineering
Vertical Market: Retail/Restaurant
Unique Project Challenges: Dense Retail Development on small property

Owl Creek Shopping Center


Type of Use: Shopping Center
Building Size: 17,000-sf
Project Size: 2.11 acres
Services: S.I.R., Civil, 3D Rendering, Permitting
Vertical Market: Retail & Restaurant
Unique Project Challenges: Property completely located within flood plain zone.
Unique Project Success Factors: Approved through country and city by adjusting grades to maintain necessary flood volume.

Providence Square – Marietta, GA


Building Size: new 30,000-sf addition
Type of Use: Retail
Project Size: 1.5 acres or 27 acre shopping center
Services: Civil Engineering Design

Unique Project Characteristics: Demolition of existing portion in the center of an active 300,000-sf shopping center, build-back new big box specialty grocery Sprout’s building without disrupting pedestrian flow, vehicular access and movement, delivery trucks, or any utilities for the rest of the center and other tenants.


Lakeshore Mall – Gainesville, GA


Building Size: 539,954-sf
Type of Use: Commercial Retail Indoor Mall
Project Size: 49.6 acres
Services: Civil Engineering Design

Unique Project Characteristics:
Redevelop major portions of existing mall by demolishing sections at a time to install new anchor tenant big boxes including a Dick’s Sporting Goods. Upgrade mall to be ADA compliant for required parking criteria and access from public right-of-way. Develop plans in a phased design fashion so each section of the mall could be handled individually as the project progresses.

Berean Church – Gwinnett, GA


Building Size: 96,000-sf (4 buildings)
Type of Use: Ecumenical
Project Size: 17 acres
Services: Civil Engineering Design

Unique Project Characteristics: Master development of multiple phases for build-out of ecumenical compound project. New development of overall parking facilities to allow for new approx. 96,000-sf multi-building site layout and anticipated 2,500-seat new sanctuary building.

Klausner Saw Mill – Live Oak, FL


Building Size: 331,000-sf multi-building industrial plant
Type of Use: Industrial
Project Size: 117 acres
Services: Civil Engineering Design

Unique Project Characteristics: Design large working surface areas for industrial capabilities with 11 buildings using interconnected machinery and process flow. Allowing for very minimal tolerances in grade differential across the property, while designing cost efficient means of shedding water from high impact Florida storm events. Utility designs and coordination for heavy industrial uses.